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tai Chi 4 Life Cooperative

Who we are

The Tai Chi 4 LIFE Cooperative is a self-care and share learning cooperative. It is a coming together of students and teachers to engage in a deeper level of study toward better health through the ancient technologies of Dao Yin, Qigong, Tai Chi, internal meditative arts, and other modalities aimed at healing and extending health and quality of life.

Our programs

Tai Chi-Qigong for health is our primary focus. We provide detailed teaching geared towards each individual's needs. We build a health baseline first and then move towards fitness. Each class focuses on adding to your practice, so that each person eventually creates their own wellness practice. We also have a recommended set of providers that complement the practice.

Upcoming classes

All classes are ongoing.  You may join anytime. For the most the current schedule please subscribe to weekly email  to receive the most current schedule.


Tai Chi 4 Life Coop is a registered 501-c3 Corporation

Member benefits

The Tai Chi 4 LIFE Cooperative of teachers and students of tai chi and qigong provides:

Connection: You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results for personal health.  We are a growing group of taichi/qigong players that are dedicated to your health and your practice. 

Workshops: Workshops can provide quality education to strengthen your practice. We bring in top practitioners from around the world at discounted prices.

Discounts on Classes & Providers: Members can train in any of our monthly offerings, often exceeding 30 different classes to choose from in multiple locations in the Atlanta/Decatur area.  Members also receive discounts from partner health practictioners. 

Free Informational Services: The Cooperative keeps members in touch with each other and with emerging issues from around the world that is relevant to personal health through the web site and/or through email updates.  

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Become involved with the co-op for healthier living.

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About Tai Chi 4 LIFE Cooperative

The Tai Chi 4 LIFE Cooperative is a self-care and share learning cooperative offering practical ways to reduce stress through Tai Chi, Qigong, and other modalities aimed at extending health and quality of life.


Address: PO Box 526, Decatur, GA 30030

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